A collaborative environment where customized solutions for your operational challenges and wishlist take shape

NFPA’s Data Solutions is an innovative, secure, test-bed where your big and small data can be combined with other data, analyzed and utilized so you can fulfill your fire protection, life safety, community engagement and business operations objectives. 

NFPA is uniquely positioned to coordinate the next generation of data and analytics in support of the fire services, built environment, electrical industry, and safety infrastructure, an important resource in the evolving world of smart data and analytics, and is designed to help our stakeholders alleviate concerns by applying a variety of relevant and timely information into their decision-making.

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Who can play in the Sandbox?
Fire services, police & EMS, AHJs, facility managers, builders & architects, safety-focused organizations, municipalities, government agencies, manufacturers, academic institutions, retailers, and insurance companies

What can you bring to the Sandbox to drive big data analytics?
Fire incidents, fire department operations, inspection, testing/maintenance (ITM), building & property, smart sensors, online & mobile  communications, demographics, census, and insurance

Why is data analytics important to you?
Fire fighter safety, community risk reduction, safer products, loss reduction, optimized inspections, accurate forecasting, real-time instruction, greater efficiencies, better engagement, ROI, cost savings, and targeted risk reduction strategies

The first NFPA-developed data project will be a tool to help jurisdictions use local inspection data to develop better and more efficient inspection practices. NFPA is in the process of gathering all of the disparate data that will inform its model, and is targeting four or five jurisdictions to use as a test case. The tool is expected to be available by the end of 2016.