Direct Visual Signaling as a Means for Occupant Notification

Fire Protection Research Foundation report: "Direct Visual Signaling as a Means for Occupant Notification in Large Spaces Research Project" (PDF)
Author: Robert P. Schifiliti, P.E., R.P. Schifiliti Associates, Inc.
Date of issue: January 2006


In April of 2005, the Fire Protection Research Foundation’s Detection and Alarm Research Council identified the need for a study of direct visual signaling as a means for occupant notification in large spaces. This need was based on the promise shown by some previous limited testing that demonstrated the potential for direct signaling for notification and a request from the NFPA 72 Technical Committee on Notification Appliances for Fire Alarm Systems for additional data to substantiate the addition of text to the Annex explaining possible direct signaling effects in large spaces. The project was initiated in July of 2005.