Notification Effectiveness for Large Groups

Fire Protection Research Foundation report: "Notification Effectiveness for Large Groups" (PDF)
Author: Steven M.V. Gwynne, Ph.D., Hughes Associates, Inc.
Date of issue: June 2007


In April of 2006, the Foundation was awarded a Fire Prevention and Safety Grant by the US Fire Administration to study the effectiveness of alarms for emergency notification of high risk groups. The study aim was to optimize the performance requirements for alarm and signaling systems to meet the needs of these groups. Elements of the study included: a risk assessment to estimate the potential impact in lives saved of changes in notification effectiveness of smoke alarms for these groups; quantifying the human behavior aspects of the problem; developing benchmark performance criteria for alarm and signaling systems; reviewing current and emerging technologies that address the performance criteria; and assessing the information developed in the above tasks to develop recommendations on notification technology for each target group and the overall impact for the general population. This report is one in a series of four that report on the on the results of the study.