2006 Fire Suppression & Detection Research Application Symposium

Keynote Address

Fire Alarm System Research: Where it’s Been and Where it’s Going  (PDF,  507 KB)
Wayne Moore, Principal, Hughes Associates, Inc.

Research and Development Update

The Response of Residential Smoke Alarms at Low Flow Velocities [extended abstract (PDF, 18 KB)] [presentation (PDF, 849 KB)]                    
Thomas Cleary and William Davis, National Institute of Standards and Technology

Predicting Response Times of Fixed-Temperature, Rate-of-Rise, and Rate-Compressed Heat Detectors by Utilizing Thermal Response Index of Detectors  (PDF, 181 KB)
Soonil Nam, FM Global

Smoke Detector Performance for Level Ceilings with Deep Beams and Deep Beam Pocket Configurations  (PDF, 1.74 MB)
Daniel O’Connor, Schirmer Engineering Corporation

New Roles and Functionality of Fire Alarm Systems

The Future of Fire Alarm Systems  (PDF, 25 KB)
Richard Bukowski, National Institute of Standards and Technology

Presentation of Real-Time Building Information  (PDF, 27 KB)
William Davis, National Institute of Standards and Technology

VolumeSensor – Multi-sensor, Multicriteria Event Detection [extended abstract (PDF, 34 KB)] [presentation (PDF, 1.27 MB)]
Daniel Gottuk, Hughes Associates, Inc.; Susan Rose-Pehrsson, Jeff Owrutsky, Frederick Williams, Naval Research Laboratory

An Overview of the International Road Tunnel Fire Detection Research Project  (PDF, 126 KB)
Zhigang Liu, A. Kashef, G. Lougheed, J.Z. Su, N. Benichou, National Research Council of Canada

Fire Alarm and Human Response

Reducing Fire Deaths in the Aged, Optimising the Smoke Alarm Signal  (PDF, 850 KB)
Dorothy Bruck, Victoria University

Directional Sounders  (PDF, 52 KB)
Issac Papier, Honeywell Life Safety

Psychoacoustic Sounders  (PDF, 387 KB)
Daniel O’connor, Schirmer Engineering Corporation

Occupant Notification in Large Spaces  (PDF,19 KB)
Robert Schifiliti, R.P. Schifiliti Associates, Inc.

Research Challenges for Automatic Sprinkler Systems

Reliability of Automatic Sprinkler Systems  (PDF, 79 KB)
William Koffel, Koffel Associates, Inc.

An Analysis of Automatic Sprinkler System Reliability Using Current Data (PDF, 142 KB)
John Hall, NFPA

Developing Sprinkler System Design Criteria for Flammable and Combustible Liquid Storage  (PDF, 127 KB)
David Nugent, AON Risk Consultants

Protecting Process Areas and Process Structures Where Flammable and Combustible Liquids are Handled (PDF, 26KB)
John Davenport, Schirmer Engineering Corp.

Finding Protection for Composite IBCs Filled with High Flash Point Liquids (PDF, 88 KB)
John LeBlanc, FM Global

Development of a Performance Equivalency Methodology for Detection and Suppression System Integration  (PDF, 426 KB)
Ming He and Wes Marcks, Vision Fire and Security Pty Ltd.

Working for a Safer World – Application of Fire Test Data  (PDF, 963 KB)
Martin Pabich, Underwriters Laboratories Inc.

Interaction of Residential Sprinklers, Ceiling Fans and Similar Obstructions  (PDF, 1.73 MB)
Victoria Valentine, National Fire Sprinkler Association

Fire Suppression Systems

Flame Extinguishing by Inert Gases: Theoretical & Experimental Analysis  (PDF, 100 KB)
Joseph Senecal, Combustion Research Center, Kidde-Fenwal, Inc.

What We Don’t Know About Storage  (PDF, 1.3 MB)
James Golinveaux, Tyco Fire Products

Compressed-Air Foam (CAF) System for Fire Protection of Power Transformers (PDF, 55 KB)
Andrew Kim and George Crampton, National Research Council of Canada

Status of the New Laboratory Project at Oklahoma State University  (PDF, 22KB)
Pat Brock, Oklahoma State University

Blast Initiated Deluge System – An Ultra-High-Speed Fire Suppression System  (PDF, 1.53 MB)
Douglas Dierdorf and John Hawk, Air Force Research Laboratory