2010 Suppression, Detection and Signaling Research and Applications - a Technical Working Conference (SUPDET 2010)
February 16-19, 2010
Doubletree Resort, Orlando, Florida


Mass Notification

The Human Side of Mass Notification (PDF, 75 KB)
Erica Kuligowski, National Institute of Standards and Technology

Risk Analysis and Mass Notification (PDF, 40 KB)
Ray Grill, Arup

Home Smoke Alarms

Smoke Alarm Presence and Performance in U.S. Home Fires (PDF, 388 KB)
Marty Ahrens, National Fire Protection Association

An Egress Analysis of the Smoke Alarm Sensitivity Study (PDF, 81 KB)
Thomas Cleary, National Institute of Standards and Technology

The Time of Activation of Smoke Alarm in Houses – the Effect of Location, Smoke Source, Alarm Type and Manufacturer, and Other Factors (PDF, 231 KB)
Ian Thomas, Dorothy Bruck, Victoria University

Smoke Alarms – Pilot Study of Nuisance Alarms Associated with Cooking (PDF, 104 KB)
Arthur Lee, Danny Pineda, U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission

Unique Applications

Assessment of Fire Safety Measures in Proscenium Theatres (PDF, 869 KB)
Jaewook Kwon, Jarrod Alston, David Jacoby, Jim Niesel, Arup

Effect of Ventilation Air Velocity on the Detection of Conveyor Belt Fires (PDF, 59 KB)
Charles Litton, Eranda Perera, National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health


Underwriters Laboratories Development of Flaming, and Smoldering Polyurethane Test Fires and an Update on Other UL Standards Technical Panel Activities That Can Impact the Response of Smoke Alarms and Detectors to Non-Specific Fires (PDF, 8 KB) 
Paul Patty, Underwriters Laboratories Inc.

Video Image Detection – No Longer a Supplemental System (PDF, 133 KB)
Bob Elliott, FM Approvals

Detection Technology – a Comparative Performance (PDF, 1 MB) 
Faruk Meah, Tyco Safety Products
Anil Konjalwar, SimplexGrinnell

Industrial Applications

Video Image Detection and Optical Flame Detection for Industrial Applications (PDF, 339 KB)
Dan Gottuk, Joshua Dinaburg, Hughes Associates, Inc.

Study of Video Image Fire Detection Systems for Protection of Large Industrial Applications and Atria (PDF, 561 KB)
Geroge Hadjisophocleous, Carleton University
Jun Ouyang, Guofeng Ding, InnoSys Industriea Inc.
Zhigang Liu, General Fire Technologies, Inc.

Comparative Testing of Detection Technologies in a High Bay Application (Warehouse) (report of tests conducted by Schirmer Engineering
James Lynch, axonX

Open-Area Smoke Imaging Detection (OSID) (PDF, 341 KB)
Ron Knox, Xtralis Pty. Ltd.


High Challenge Warehouse Protection

High Challenge Warehousing: Ammonium Nitrate as a Typical Case Study (PDF, 90 KB)
Guy Marlair, Marie-Astrid Kordeck, Christian Michot, INERIS

Sprinkler Protection

High Challenge Commodity Fire Protection: Aerosol Packaging Per NFPA 30B (PDF, 14 KB)
Martin Pabich, Underwriters Laboratories Inc.

Assessment of the Effects of Air Movement Created by High Volume/Low Speed Ceiling Fans on Fire Sprinkler Operations (PDF, 111 KB) 
Peter Willse, XL Global Asset Protection Services

Large-Scale Fire Testing of Cartoned Plastics (PDF, 78 KB)
Seth  Sienkiewicz, FM Global

Evaluating Sprinkler Spacing Requirements for Residential Sprinklers on Sloped Ceilings and Sloped Ceilings with Beams (PDF, 47 KB)
Jason Floyd, Haavard Boehmer, Josh Dinaburg, Ed Budnick, Hughes Associates, Inc.

Developments in Extinguishing Mechanisms

Effect of Bromine and Iodine on Methanol and Methane Flames (PDF, 330 KB) 
C. Luo, B. Dlugogorski, E. Kennedy, University of Newcastle

Water Mist Fire Protection – Research on a Numerical Toolbox for Systems Effectiveness Assessment (PDF, 807 KB)
Luca Iannantuoni, Giovanni Manzini, Politecnico di Milano – Department of Energy

Modeling Cup-burner Minimum Extinguishing Concentration of Halogenated Agents (PDF, 80 KB) 
Shiling Liu, Meredith Colket, United Technologies Research Center

Characterization of Dry Chemical Powders using Reduced-Scale Fire Test Methodologies (PDF, 191 KB)
Stephen Preece, Thierry Carrierre, Norberto Lemcoff, Joshua Sheffel, United Technologies Research Center

Specialized Applications and Emerging Technologies

Protection of Engine Enclosures Using Aerosol Generators (PDF, 47 KB) 
Eric Forssell, Joseph Scheffey, Hughes Associates, Inc.
John Farley, Navy Technology Center for Safety and Survivability

Wet Chemical Fire Suppression for Extreme Low-Temperature Vehicle Applications (PDF, 453 KB) 
Stephanie Thomas, Chad Powell, Brian Stumm, Kidde Fenwal
Ann Regina, Kidde Fire Fighting.

Performance of Novec1230 in Electronic Facility Fire Protection (PDF, 170 KB)
Andrew Kim, George Crampton, National Research Council of Canada

Fire Extinguishing Agents for Protection of Occupied Spaces in Military Ground Vehicles (PDF, 612 KB)
Steven Hodges, Alion Science and Technology
Steven McCormick, Army TARCED Ground Systems Survivability

Featured Research at the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory

Effects of Droplet Size and Mass Loading on Water Mist Extinction (PDF, 497 KB) 
Ramagopal Ananth, John Hoover, US Naval Research Laboratory

Assessment of the Fire Suppression Properties of Mists of Aqueous Potassium Acetate (PDF, 135 KB) 
James Fleming, Nicholas Jaffa, Ramagopal Ananth, US Naval Research Laboratory

Effects of Moving Boundary and Expansion Ratio of High Expansion (HiEx) Aqueous Foam on Fire Suppression (PDF, 789 KB)
Ramagopal Ananth, John Farley, US Naval Research Laboratory

Regimes of Fire Spread Across an AFFF-Covered Liquid Pool (PDF, 181 KB)
Bradley Williams, Justin Taylor, Ronald Sheinson, US Naval Research Laboratory

A Tunable Diode Laser Absorption Diagnostic for Studying the Fire Suppression Mechanism of Aqueous High Expansion Foams (PDF, 299 KB)
Eric Fallows, James Fleming, US Naval Research Laboratory