Residential Fire Sprinkler Adoption - Two State Case Study

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As residential fire sprinkler adoption is debated in many states, there is a lot of  misinformation about the experience and perception of home fire sprinklers. The purpose of this study  is to gather information related to residential fire sprinkler adoption in two states, California and  Maryland.  It will include an analysis of the overall experience and perceived value of the systems by  homeowners, local government officials, and water purveyors. This research is focused on the impact of residential fire sprinkler adoption. It will use telephone,  internet, and intercept surveys to gather data on issues frequently debated when residential fire  sprinklers are proposed for widespread adoption, including such issues as: 

  • Consumer value
  • Local government feedback
  • Water purveyor perceptions and requirements    
Research Goal: The purpose of this study is to compile information from consumers, local government  officials, and water purveyors in Maryland and California on the experience and perceived value of  residential sprinkler adoption.

Download the project summary. (PDF, 117 KB)